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Ravena Les LTD
str. Tzar Osvoboditel, No 11-V-4
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Ravena Les LTD
The main activity of the company Ravena Les LTD is:
  • timber derivation and trading
  • wood processing
  • derivation and trading with the forest products (tova prilicha na parvoto kato znachenie spored men)
  • forestry
  • seed collecting
  • production of coniferous and deciduous, seed derived and nose-dived sapling
  • afforestation and culturing of young plantations with no derivation of wooden material
  • development of forestry and hunting projects
  • investigation and characterization of forest massifs, and elaboration of projects for the forest organization, protection and sanitation activities
  • expert evaluation and determination of the basic prises of forest massifs, sections and sub-sections for exchange purposes, exclusion from the forest fund
  • establishment of right for utilization and easement, purchasing/ selling of forest terrains and land from the forest fund, landscape projecting, afforestation and recultivation

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